How To Use Free 3G 4G Zong internet on Mobile 2016

If You are Android user and want to use Free Zong 3G / 4G Internet on your smartphone then you are on right place. I am going to share a free trck to usefree 3G Zong internet on your Android Mobile. With this trick you will have full access of internet your all apps will work e.g. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and even you will can download apps Music Movies or Videos.


How To Use Free 3G 4G Zong internet on Mobile


To Activate Zong 3G internet on your mobile please follow the belowinstruction and see the screenshot posted below.

Things Required.

  1. Android Mobile 4.0 or Above, Older can root their phone
  2. Zong Prepaid SIM
  3. PsiPhon Software ( Click Here To Download )
  4. A Working Mind :)

  • On The Very First Step Please Write CFD in Message And Send It To 6464
  • Make New APN Named It Zongwap Rest all leave blank (See Screenshot Below)
  • Install PsiPhon
  • Now Please See Below Screenshot For The Setting Of PsiPhon




Congratulation You are done with the setting now you can use free facebook on Zong, Free Skype on Zong, FreeWhatsapp on Zong, Free Viber on Zong,Free Wechat on Zong, Free CoCo on Zong & Much More.
Keep enjoying free Zong High Speed 3G and 4G internet on your Android Mobile Phone.
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