How to Remove Ads From Android Apps For Free

Learn How to Remove Ads From Andriod Apk Apps And Games Easily With Apk Editor.
Thee are Many Games and Apps in the Google Store and in the Internet with. To Remove ads you Need To Download pro Vision of app or game. Today I'm Show you How to remove Ads Without Pro Vision From any Apk App or Game. It is Simple to Remove Ads From Apk Without PC Or any Other Thing. You will simply need apk editor to Remove. So Let's Move to the Tricks.

1. First Download Apk Editor Pro ( Download Pro Vision )

APK Editor Pro 1.3.22

Version:1.3.22 Size:4.79MB
Release:2015-12-02 Format:apk
Category:Tools System:Android 3.1 or higher
Detect:  From Google Play  

2. Open Apk Editor and Choose Install Apk Or Choose From SD Card.

3. Click On Any Apk And Choose Full Edit From Popup Menu.

4. Click 'Manifest' tab.

5. click at the lines of uses-permission.

6.  Find out the line which contains the name of "android.permission.INTERNET".

7.  Long click at the line, it will prompt a dialog like in ScreenShot and Click at 'Delete this Line' menu.

8. Click save button in the upper right corner. After a while, we will be told that the modified apk is in some place.

1. In "Resource"/"Manifest" tab, you could try long clicking for more operations.
2. Most crash issues are caused by out of memory. In such case, please kill all unnecessary apps, completely exit APK Editor, and try it again.
3. Please avoid using it to modify big apk files, as it may consume lots of CPU and memory resources which is beyond device's ability.
4.  We do NOT garantee that it can edit all the apks.
5. The modified apk may not work, use it  at your own risk.
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